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Federico Scala of Slow Motion Records.

Here is a fun picture of Federico Scala wearing ‘Beautiful Displacement’ by Tom Neal.

Federico is part of Slow Motion Records, Slow Motion was created in 2005, in central Italy, as a collective of artists responsible for events involving electronic music parties and disco dancing, namely East Coast Disco, Teenage from Mars, Aero Dance, Wrong Era and Retro Futuro.

The heads behind Slow Motion are a group of friends hailing from Pescara/Chieti in Italy, with the same peculiar taste in music, however, with different ideas, which together create a unique musical atmosphere. Playing the best underground dance music, from obscure disco to house, space beats to cosmic grooves, the resident DJs also play alongside some of the most interesting international DJs, bands, musicians and live acts in clubs all over the world.


Sensing the lack of a platform for high quality electronic disco from the home of Italo, in 2009 Slow Motion Records was launched. The idea was to take the time to find the best possible music that represents the sound the collective truly loves and the perfect soundtrack for the events and parties.

Showcasing the best of a new generation of Italian producers like Clap Rules, Motorcycle Boy and Fratelli Riviera, as well as serious heavyweights like Beppe Loda, Slow Motion Records represents the future sound of Italian disco.

For more info check out there website here; http://www.slowmotionmusic.it/


and to buy the Tee…



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