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This Devastated Fan

I’m proud to announce that Galleria-T is now sponsoring ‘This Devastated Fan’ from Manchester, UK.

Please read the Bio below.

Sometimes, everything just falls into place and the time is right. For This Devastated Fan, that time is now. With a new and improved line-up, a third studio album imminent (mooted to be their best yet), and a cult following growing rapidly all over Europe, TDF are ready to make the leap from underground scenesters to major rock act.
Formed in 2006, the alternative four-piece hail from the hot bed of music that is the north-west of England. TDF have been a big name on the underground scene since they first started gigging pubs and clubs of the north-west, and recent tours around UK and Europe have further enhanced their reputation as a band destined for big things.

TDF set out to create a unique sound and in doing so they have produced fascinating, grandoise, and often, stunning music. At the heart of what they do is a simple desire to play powerful, maticulously designed melodramatic rock. But TDF intersperse this heavier sound with evocative, sometimes haunting music that strips away the bluster of guitars to leave songs that are fragile, reflective and chilling.

The more poignant, melancholic TDF moments give rise to Placebo comparisons, a sentiment that is intensified by the Brian Molko-esque vocals of Cavanagh. His emotional, heart rending vocal melodies also echo bands such as Brand new or Death Cab for Cutie.

TDF have a songwriter determined to push the boundaries of what the band can achieve and he continually challenges the group to better themselves individually and as a unit.

Exciting times surely lie ahead.

(bio written by Mr Ben Mollett).




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